Potato salad with a twist

Summer is here and you know what that means. Lots of potato salad being served at picnics and cookouts across the country. There are so many tasty variations of potato salad (my current fave is baked potato salad), so why on earth would Hellman’s have gone and messed with the tried-and-true staples by adding a… [read more]

Chicken Cacciatore or “Hunter’s Chicken”

Chicken Cacciatore is an Italian dish that became popular in the United States during the 1950’s, under the name “Hunter’s Chicken.” “Cacciatore” means “hunter” in Italiano. Featuring braised bone-in chicken thighs, this is one recipe that has stood the test of time and hasn’t lost popularity. Here’s one variation of the recipe, courtesy of Ree… [read more]

The Mystery of Pimiento

Nearly every kitschy recipe I find contains pimiento, and yet, I don’t see this ingredient that much in today’s recipes. Pimiento is obviously a key part of the kitschy cupboard, but what made it so? Was it cheap? Easily available everywhere?