Before microwaves were ubiquitous

Do you remember life without microwaves?

I don’t, but know there are a lot of people who do. Those folks might get a kick out of the cookbook I unearthed from my in-laws’ attic over the weekend.

The title: “Microwave Cooking Solves Fast Meal Problems.”

This tiny little cookbook harkens back to an era when microwaves were novel and people imagined using them instead of ovens. They must have seemed like a miracle at the time!


The gem of a cookbook includes recipes for favorites (and not-so-favorites). Here’s a sampling:

  • Pineapple cocktail franks. Ugh, that sounds disgusting. I’ll pass on that.


  • An entire Cornish hen. Wonder how tender that dish turned out in the microwave?


  • And of course, the ever-challenging hot dogs. It was simply too time consuming to boil or grill them, apparently, so the cookbook writers included hot dogs in there. (I especially appreciate the fact that they include up to 6 hot dogs in the recipe. For when you only have seconds to feed a crowd)
  • Bonus for the S’mores recipe on the facing page though!


I love my microwave; it’s perfect for making popcorn or reheating leftovers. When it comes to cooking real meals, though, I think I’ll stick with my oven.