Daisy Dean’s Famous Ten Minute Fritos Recipes

I was at an estate sale this weekend, and saw a batch of cookbooks thrown together in a plastic bag, all for $1.25. Okay, I’m in. When I got home, I was able to dig through my bounty and was pleased as punch to find Daisy Dean’s Famous Ten-Minute Fritos Recipes book. The book is small, just six inside pages and a front and back cover, but it’s loaded with kitschy goodness.


  • Daisy Dean’s Famous Ten-Minute Fritos Recipes
  • published by: The Frito Co.
  • ©1954

Some of these recipes actually sound really good. The Tuna With Fritos, for example, makes perfect sense. Like adding potato chips on top of the dish to add crunch.

But like a lot of kitschy cookbooks, there has to be a couple recipes that just take a good thing and go too far. That’s what we love about kitschy, right?

The Fritos Peanut Butter and Catsup Dip, for example (1/2 cup peanut butter, ½ cup, dip the Fritos in), is something I can’t even imagine making.

Plenty of Kitschy Ingredients

Like any kitschy book worth its MSG, there has to be some key ingredients or its just not fun kitsch. Like… pimiento. I’ve discussed pimiento before, because the popularity of this ingredient in kitschy cuisine really does confuse me, and yet I’ve come to be disappointed when I don’t see it in a book. I wasn’t let down here. It was placed prominently in the Fritos Pimiento-Cheese Spread and Fritos Creamed Turkey.

My other requirement on the kitchy-ness factor is the names of recipes. There has to be at least one that is trying too hard to be elegant. For this book, the Fritos Glamour Dogs fit the bill perfectly. (They’re basically hot dogs with some cheese and tomato sauce, but why not call them glamorous?)

On the disgusting meter, the Fritos Creamed Eggs (basically a concoction of flour, butter, hard-boiled eggs, and Fritos over toast) was in the running, until I read about the Fritos Clam Cheese Dip. I think it’s safe to say that clams trump hard-cooked eggs this time. Then again, the Fritos Banana Logs weren’t far behind.

All in all, this little find was a gem for my kitschy cupboard, so I’m glad I spotted it. Check out the adorable back cover before you go. And for more about the lovely lady that created these recipes (which I love even though I tease), check out more on Daisy Dean Doolin. She has a very interesting story. Fritos has some more fun history on their website.