Fifties Flair: Retro Kitchen Gadgets

Are you a fan of all things retro, but prefer the ease and convenience of brand-new cooking utensils? You’re not alone. Here are five new ways you can give your kitchen a little ’50s flair.

Depression glass salt & pepper shakers


In classic “bottle green,” these salt & pepper shakers are made to resemble Depression glass. You may have used a set like these in your grandparents’ home.

Kitty cat clock


These clocks hold a special appeal with their famous rolling eyes, wagging tails, and sly smiles. They hung on many a diner wall back in the day.

Streamline timer


Ding ding ding! Without the digital displays, this adorable Streamline Kitchen Timer helps brings some tasty nostalgia to your baking.

Cocktail set


A retro kitchen requires a gorgeous cocktail shaker. This one, from Pottery Barn, is about as kitschy-classy as you can get.

Pop, pop


Movie night just got a whole lot more special with this retro-looking popcorn kernel popper. Just add a classic film and you’re set.