Cocktail: Kahala Hilton Tropical Itch

Ah, the tiki bar. What a marvelous place to spend a warm summer evening; just watching the ocean, feeling the salt breeze in your hair, and sipping on a strong but fruity cocktail right from the Isles of Hawaii. Nothing could be more exotic and fun!


Bon Apetit recently uncovered an oldie but goodie tiki cocktail: the Kahala Hilton Tropical Itch. This alcoholic quaff might have a funny name, but it packs a punch. Serve a few at your next soirée and your guests are sure to love them. Garnish yourself and your guests with leis for an over-the-top Hawaiian flair.


Here’s how to make a Kahala Hilton Tropical Itch.

  • Fill a 30 oz lamp-shaped tiki glass with shaved ice.
  • Then squeeze in half a lime and add a dash of bitters.
  • Mix in half an oz of bourbon, and half an oz of dark rum and a dash of orange curacao.
  • Next, fill that glass up to the top with Hawaiian Passion Fruit Juice.
  • Mix with a bar spoon and add even more shaved ice.
  • Add a topper: float 1 1/4 oz of 151 proof rum.
  • Garnish with the following: a straw, a back scratcher, a cherry, a wedge of pineapple, and a vanda orchid. Lovely!

Ōkole maluna! Enjoy!